Original Oil Paintings by Artist Melody Hawtin

Please view paintings here and follow the link to our shop page to buy paintings online, but also feel free to contact us with any specific requirements.  Original paintings are mainly in oil on canvas in a colourful contemporary style, Melody expresses her emotional connection with her subject through her use of colour and texture.

Thoughts from artist Melody

Who Am I?

Who am I is a central question within the core of our being, it forms our lives subconsciously or purposefully. Is life a façade or reality, are we playing the tune of others or are we true to ourselves, are we kind to ourselves?

It is within this question I personally paint, as the paint forms a life story appears. Like a pilgrimage, places and episodes make profound marks on the canvas and within my heart.

Where have I come from and where am I going, yes I know where I’ve been although reality is often merged into unreality, depending on perspective. Where is my perspective? Where is my plumb line and who is holding it? These questions are in essence a pivot from where my destiny grows. At times my history has allowed storms to take me off course, and I have ended up shipwrecked. Yet it is in that shipwrecked place invention and destiny entwines, a purpose appears and clarity awakens my soul.

Fellow artists learn lessons from my technique, yet Who Am I is still in essence a question to help an artist in his style. Art For A Purpose, by Robert Radford my friend and lecturer at Art School clarifies the use of Art as a utensil to demonstrate powerful ideas and people. Robert, a short sighted gentleman of small stature once defended me with his walking stick before a crowd of rowdy Spanish lads. His art was his purpose….He taught.. He fought and he wrote, yet always kept his gentle smile and encouraging manner.

Who Am I?

In essence I love quiet, it is within the quiet I hear who I am, and gain the confidence to speak. Within my paintings, my pilgrimage, my quite time and space I know fellow travellers see as I do, for this I’m thankful; destiny, divine providence spurs me on, yet I’m rooted in the question, Who Am I, or rather who is ‘I Am’?

Original painting in progress

Often Melody can be found in her studio with an original painting on the easel and the smell of wet oil paint in the air.  Melody has a large studio below her home, living in an old tannery conversion means she has very high ceiling and lots of space, which of course she fills.  At the far end of the studio are double doors leading out to a small garden which overlooks the river that runs by, the sound as it bubbles along is calming and inspirational.  Sometimes the river will fill, it collects the water off the hills overlooking Porlock and directs them the short distance to the sea, at these times it can quickly become a torrent and the sound pours into her studio, but hopefully not the water.

These are not quick works of art, mostly they will take months to years to paint.  Each original artwork embarks on a journey, paint is applied and scraped off and new paint appears.  Each layer of paint is building a story, what is going on in the world or just life in general.