A Father’s Love – Exmoor Stag Painting


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“A Father’s Love” is an exquisite representation captured by artist Melody using the medium of oil on paper. The artist impeccably portrays the elusive beauty of an Exmoor red stag amidst enchanting moorland surroundings. With astonishing precision and delicate brushwork, Melody brings to life the magnificent creature—the epitome of strength, grace, and elegance. Standing tall with majestic antlers reaching towards the heavens, this noble creature exudes an aura of regality. Embedded within the artwork is a narrative of paternal care as the stag stands protectively, exuding warmth and tenderness. Through this masterful artwork, Melody beautifully encapsulates the essence of a father’s nurturing and unwavering love for his young.

These magnificent animals roam wild on Exmoor and in the rutting season, around October, can be see with herds of deer of 50 to 100.  They are an inspiration to paint and we may spend hours watching and photographing them prior to painting. Please follow this link to visit our blog and to see Melody talking about her inspiration for this painting.

Please see below for sizes and technical description of this painting.



Giclée prints of “A Father’s Love”, an Exmoor Red Stag

  • Fine Art Canvas
    • Size EC: Height 559mm; Width 762mm
      Ready to hang stretched on 25mm deep stretcher bars
  • Fine Art Paper
    • Size G: Height 533mm; Width 721mm
    • Size L: Height 394mm; Width 533mm

Total edition size:  350

Images on paper have an extra border to allow for mounting.
Paintings are hand signed, titled and the edition number added where appropriate.

Images on canvas have printed edges appropriate to the depth of the stretcher bar specified.
The canvas is of sufficient size to be stretched over the specified stretcher bar.
The canvas is hand signed and with the title and edition printed on the back of the picture.


Delivery will be via courier, we deliver free to mainland UK and at cost price to other locations, we will contact you when your picture is ready to arrange delivery on a day or to a location that is convenient.

The painting will be in a cardboard tube and will be protected with acid free paper.

Note the picture will be very spring like and will need to be removed with care, we recommend you leave this for the framer to do.

Alternative Options

  1. We can provide prints on canvas stretched over laminated stretcher bars.

For the above options or any other enquiries, please contact us quoting the painting name A Father’s Love and code MA007 with your details and requirements.

Additional information

Dimensions 76.2 × 55.9 cm