The Gift – vibrant Foxgloves by Melody


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This painting by Melody is a compelling piece that marries the untamed beauty of nature with the ornate craftsmanship of Venetian artistry. The painting is a symphony of contrasts:
Wild vs. Cultured: The Foxgloves, plucked from the rugged landscapes of Exmoor, stand in stark contrast to the delicate and intricate Murano chandeliers that inspired the work.
Abstract Interpretation: While the flowers are the focal point, their depiction leans towards abstraction, allowing viewers to engage with the painting on a more personal level, filling in the details with their imagination.

Melody’s work invites contemplation on the interplay between natural elements and human creativity, making “The Gift” visually stunning and intellectually engaging. The painting’s ability to evoke the essence of two disparate worlds is its true gift to the beholder.

Please see below for sizes and technical description of this painting.



Giclée prints of “The Gift”

  • Fine Art Canvas
    • Size EC: Height 813mm; Width 813mm
      Ready to hang stretched on 25mm deep stretcher bars
  • Fine Art Paper.
    • Size G: Height 533mm; Width 533mm
    • Size L: Height 419mm; Width 419mm

Total edition size: Open


Delivery will be via courier, we deliver free to mainland UK and at cost price to other locations, we will contact you when your picture is ready to arrange delivery on a day or to a location that is convenient.

Alternative Options

  1. We can provide different sizes of print including sized to fit your space.
  2. This print can be hand embellished by Melody including the use of 24ct gold leaf.

For the above options or any other enquiries, please contact us quoting the painting name The Gift and code MA168 with your details and requirements.

Additional information

Dimensions 81 × 81 cm
Painting Size

On canvas 813mm x 813mm, On paper 419mm x 419mm, On paper 533mm x 533mm