Assembling stretcher bars for your canvas print

In Part 2 of 3 I will be assembling stretcher bars for your canvas print. In this video I am using stretcher bars from Lion Pictures. I have used several manufacturers but find these to be readily available. I like these stretcher bars as they are well constructed to avoid warping.

The stretcher bars, although in metric, are sized in 2 inch steps. For Melody’s original paintings this is fine but for giclee prints you will need to size the canvas print according to the available sizes.

In part 1 I dealt with printing the canvas and protecting it with lacquer, if you have come to this video first it is well worth looking at this. In part 3, I will be stretching the canvas print to produce the finished picture ready to hang.

Assembling stretcher bars for a square print.

I started my journey in Giclee printing when Melody and I formed Melody Art in 2003. At that time the process was relatively new and it was quite rare for an artist to self publish. Using this form of printing, researching techniques and obtaining materials was much more difficult. Now the technique is known and used by many artists.

Over the years we have met many artists and have found many to be very helpful. Using YouTube and this blog is a great opportunity for me to equally helpful and free with the experience I have gained during this time. So, I hope you enjoy this article and find it helpful in your journey.

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