Stretching a Giclee canvas print

Part 3 of 3 of stretching a Giclee canvas print I will be producing the finished canvas print. In Part 1 I covered printing and protecting your canvas print. In Part 2 I covered preparing the stretcher bars ready for stretching.

Now you have printed your Giclee print, prepared your stretcher bars and are ready for the final step. I always find the process, whether printing on paper or canvas an exciting process. Whether a photograph or a painting I find each step from viewing the image on a screen to holding up the finished product seems to add dignity to the image.

Stretching a Giclee canvas print

Giclee printing an exciting process for the artist or photographer

I remember the first print we produced, Melody and I kept looking at it, not believing this was a flat image. We kept coming back expecting to find that the image somehow had the texture of an original painting. I think part of this is the accuracy of the original image. I have always scanned paintings rather than photograph them. Scanning produces a very large image, sometimes approaching 1 gigabyte. The result of this process is that I have an image that is perfectly in focus, but more than that if I zoom into the image I can see all the swirls and colours that are in the original.

Future blogs and YouTube post

This giclee print is for a customer order and Melody will be transforming it to a mixed media painting. To be honest we never quite know what to call these paintings, they are more than a giclee print and with enough work become originals in their own right. I am currently videoing the process of applying oil paint. Once dry Melody will be applying 24ct gold leaf to bring the painting to life. Keep a look out for our next blog which will show Melody at work in her studio.

You may like to look at our YouTube channel, some relates to art or photography, other posts relate to events I have photographed in our village and some to our travels on Exmoor. I hope you find these interesting.

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