When is a Giclee print not a Giclee print

Today we join Melody as she hand paints a Giclee print on canvas

Welcome to Melody’s studio. Today Melody is hand finishing a Giclee print on canvas with oil paint. Please look out for our next vlog when Melody will be describing how she applies 24ct gold leaf to this painting. Today we join Melody, as a fly on the wall, we get to see how and where she works. Whether an original painting or, in this case a Giclee print on canvas, Melody works with her music in the background, and surrounded by her paints and many paintings. We hope you enjoy these videos and find them interesting and informative.

Join Melody in her studio

About Melody’s studio

Melody’s studio is in the centre of Porlock a working village in Exmoor National Park. We found the studio in an old Tannery, as you can see it has high ceilings and is much bigger than you can see here. Melody has many paintings on the walls, some in progress and some still wet, the smell of the oil adding to the atmosphere.

The studio is open most Saturday’s or by appointment. It is quite an experience visiting the studio.

The journey to Porlock brings you into Exmoor National Park, as you approach you can get a sense of what Melody paints and her inspiration. Exmoor is set on the coast overlooking the Bristol Channel towards Wales. Here the National Park merges with the sea, making this a unique setting for an artist.

We believe that this unique setting with it’s clear unpolluted air gives a special quality to the light. We know that artists in Cornwall, especially St Ives, talk about the light. Here on Exmoor we find a similar light, but perhaps a bit softer. Combined with the rich colours of the landscape, the gorse, heather and bracken, we find a richer spectrum of colours. Both Melody and husband David are inspired by these colours and are privileged to work here and to capture this in their work.

To see some of Melody’s work please view her paintings on this site, but Melody has more work in progress and much does not appear online.

To view more of Exmoor National Park please view the website.

Melody almost always paints with her Christian music in the background, this is the case with this video. We have not added a sound track and hope this is not a problem to the artists. Music: Mighty to Save by Hillsong; From the Inside Out by Hillsong; Here I am To Worship by Maranatha Praise Band, thank you for your inspiration.

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