Porlock Pantomime and Drama Society present: SHOWTIME – David

Starting Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th October in Porlock Village Hall at 7:30pm.

Last night I got a sneak preview, I was taking photos at the first dress rehearsal, it is the first time I have done anything like this and it comes with a few challenges.

Firstly the show was very good, so much so that I am going on Friday with Melody and some friends, I am looking forward to being off duty and able to relax and enjoy the performances.

This is what Porlock Visitor Centre has published about the show.

Porlock Pantomime & Drama Society present: SHOWTIME, an evening of well known songs from a range of genres including Musical Theatre, Movie Sound Tracks, Country, 60s Pop, Mowtown and much loved ABBA.
Bistro style seating. Tickets available from: Porlock Home & Hardware; Toucan Wholefoods, Minehead or www.wegottickets.com/porlockdrama

Time: 7.30pm; Bar available from 7pm
Venue: Porlock Village Hall
Price: £8

I think it should be Motown, but perhaps this is a cut above the rest.

My first thoughts for taking photos was that the spotlights would be great, and I would not need a flash.  In fact, I haven’t got a flash that would have lit the stage sufficiently, but the spotlights caused their own problems and my first shots were failures, thank goodness for digital, in the old days I wouldn’t have known until they came back from processing or in the dark room.

A lot of the cast were dressed in black with black stage and silver backdrop, the only white was the faces, the metering didn’t stand a chance, so the first shots were bright white blobs on black suits.  A bit of compensation and constantly being aware of the different costumes and that low angles really didn’t work and finally a bit of post processing that I hope has dealt with those issues.  Anyway, if you come along you will find that the wonderful thing about eyes is that designed long before the digital age they perform so much better.

I’m looking forward to the performance, do come along.