Porlock Carnival 2018 – David

Porlock Carnival Clown

Another year photographing and enjoying Porlock Carnival.  I have photographed the carnival most years since we have lived here, sometimes I have been the official photographer and some like this I have just done it to help promote the village.  Do look at our FacebookPage for post event photos and pre event photos for next year, God willing that I am still here to do them.

Porlock Carnival Town Crier
Porlock Carnival Town Crier

Porlock is a lovely village, that puts on so many events, just too many to mention, but some have and will feature in blogs for the future.  What is surprising is the number of things that go on for a relatively small village, groups are formed, and hard work begins, often one just sees the end result and doesn’t think of those we may never see who have beavered away all year, well done and thank you from me.  If I had royal connections I could recommend them for medals, perhaps the village should have it’s own, MPV Member Of Porlock Village, but I think it my have already been used for Multi Purpose Vehicle but then again I am sure that is an appropriate title as well.

Porlock Carnival Royal Bride
Porlock Carnival Royal Bride

At the moment the village is prepared, bunting and flags are up, and finishing touches are being made to costumes and floats, judges have been hand picked for their eye for detail and integrity, the competition is stiff and all has to be impartial.

Today is the day, and what a great day, the sun is shining it is warm, everything is perfect.  Of course some years aren’t perfect, we all look at the sky consult the weather forecast, as if that is in some way a god, and hope for a brief moment when all will be well.  Surprisingly, over the years it has been, but of course visitors have already decided to flop in front of the television or some other excuse rather than risk a sudden downpour.  I wonder whether I will need more than a tee-shirt, but I don’t it is really warm, the sun shines until the last moments when I adjust the camera for the changing light.

Porlock Carnival face painting
Porlock Carnival face painting

I start taking photos in the car park where everything is coming together, the floats the walking participants, there is an air of excitement and a few drinks.  It is a good place to start except the backdrop, but it is easier to interact, I am sure some of these people know me, but often I haven’t a clue as to who they are.  I find in such events I am almost single minded, everything is shut out and I have my left eye scanning for the next shot while my right eye is glued to the viewfinder.  Perhaps the camera is getting old, in modern technology terms it is ancient, but for the first time I realise I am missing shots as it is taking too long to focus and adjust, oh well.

Porlock Carnival zombie
Porlock Carnival zombie

Moving up to the street I look for opportunities and move up and down the High Street, any other time I would feel self-conscious, but today as I said I am totally focused on the event and pay no attention to the surroundings.

My favourite floats were the Royal Wedding, I am sure the mums just saw it as a chance to get dolled up, and why not, the children were fantastic in their smart clothes and I am pleased with the photos of them.

Porlock Carnival Queen
Porlock Carnival Queen

Also I liked the circus, they maintained such a level of energy throughout, I loved the bright colours and the action.

I did like the zombies, again it was their energy and interaction with the crowd, I have no idea who they were or why they chose the subject, it was a little gruesome for me, a bit too realistic, not that I have any experience in these things, in fact I never watch anything like that in case I can’t get to sleep!!

I get to the end, very tired, it takes a lot of energy to concentrate on the action, I hope I have some good photos and will be spending the evening getting them ready for Facebook.

Just managed to post to Facebook before the end of the day, quite pleased as all the photos are straight from the camera, I am sure some could be enhanced with a bit of work, but that would drag things out and miss the moment.  As I take a look this morning I can say that I am pleased with the photos, I hope they get shared and appreciated by all involved.




The Reason We Need Art In Our Schools – David

Landachre Bridge - over the river Barle on Exmoor - oil painting on canvas

Did you see Ed Sheeran on television speaking about the arts in schools?  What a breath of fresh air to see someone who gets it, who has some understanding of how art benefits the country financially, culturally and humanly.

Let me explain my background and how I arrived at similar views.

In my teens I trained as an engineer, later for my career becoming a telecoms engineer.  When I was at college I would look at the art students and would think what a waste of money, why not close it down and spend the money on important manufacturing and engineering works, something that would benefit the country.

Relax at Withypool Bridge - Exmoor
Relax at Withypool Bridge – Exmoor

Of course, I have come to understand that this was a very narrow view, but never the less some 40 years later a very popular view among our politicians.

Meeting Melody when I was just 40 has changed my view and given me different insight into the hidden values of art. Ed Sheeran also spoke of the financial returns that art brings to the country, I am somewhat aware of this, but it is not my main concern, it would be interesting to know what the financial benefits are, but not today.

So, what have I seen over my years as a photographer and supporter to Melody?  What I have noted that in general terms when I met people as an engineer I would talk about things, problems and solutions.  We did not enter other areas, who are you, what do you think, how do you feel and so on, these are still areas new to me and still somewhat out of my comfort zone.

What I noticed when I have worked in our gallery or studio is how different the conversations are.  These may be the same people I have encountered in a work environment, but now we are somewhere else, something else is going on and someone I have never known is emerging.

Quite often I have seen people suddenly overcome by emotion, tears appear and somehow or another a few colours on a canvas have connected with their subconscious to expose and perhaps bring healing to troubles and difficulties.  I keep thinking of things as I write this and I am reminded how we were approached by a local hospital to supply art, this wasn’t just to make the place pretty, this was the stroke and dementia ward and studies had shown how important colour is in aiding recovery and healing in these circumstances.

Pink Tarr Steps - landscape painting in oil on canvas
Pink Tarr Steps – landscape painting in oil on canvas

So, what are my thoughts in this?  In very simplistic way I think it is how the brain works, we can view the brain as being two parts, the dominant side which is our day to day and the artistic side, which I think for many if not most is the less dominant.  I am still an engineer and I think things through simplistically, but it seems to describe what I have experienced.

In our day to day we deal with pressure, life, problems, we get up and go to work and it seems our society leaves little space for the artistic and yet to do so leaves us unbalanced measuring ourselves and society against a distorted set of values.  Perhaps there are a lot of issues in this that need exploring, one sees people struggling with stress making ends meet, they are doing all that society demands but never achieve a sense of peace or happiness.

Yesterday I had a funny conversation with Melody, I asked her what she would want to happen if I came home and found a box too big for her to move at the bottom of the stairs.  Her reply is still causing me difficulties to comprehend, she said she was more interested in me being empathic than in getting the box to the top of the stairs.  Of course, my engineering thought is that we need to get the box up the stairs and solve the problem.  Later when she came back in the car with the seat belt not working, we both sat and cried, and I told her how I understood the upset and emotion that this caused when she couldn’t take her mum shopping, she loved it, repairing it was incidental, but it did allow her to go shopping with her mum, Melody wanted me to add that I have embellished this a little we didn’t really cry, well she didn’t.

In another anecdotal way I see it that we are a society that has focused on exercising our right legs while neglecting our left, our society wanders around with a limp always going in circles.  So, like Ed Sheeran I wonder if it is possible for our politicians to get out of the materialistic circle they are forcing us into and to realise that life is about more than this, it is about our care for the society we live and for each other, about service and not just profit about the person and our humanity.

My daughter who did teacher training in Sheffield described how a lesson consisted of 55 minutes of crowd control and 5 minutes of teaching, except when she introduced some element of art when the class would become manageable, surely this must be well known and worth consideration.

So, I do hope his voice is heard and I do hope other artists join in speaking in support of what he has said, and all this comes from a reformed engineer.

Not entirely randomly I have included pictures of bridges, Pink Tarr Steps an ancient clapper bridge on Exmoor, Landachre Bridge a lovely sweeping bridge, both of these by Melody and finally Relax At Withypool Bridge a black and white photograph by me.  All three are bridges over The River Barle and are within a few miles of each other.  I thought mixing pictures by Melody in her colourful arty style and a b&w photo by me in my engineering style symbolised the connection of two sides of the river, the arts and the material world and perhaps they can be linked.

The lawn roller found at Heligan Garden

The Lawn Roller at Heligan Gardens

The whole of Heligan Gardens is an exploration, not something to be taken in a hurry but a journey coming across things from different directions, a surprise finding yourself unexpectedly back at the same spot again.  Melody and I have had three extended visits to The Lost Gardens of Heligan and have not been disappointed, wonderfully restored and enhanced while keeping with the original.

My first photograph is a black and white of an old lawn roller found under a tree, not the only roller to be found but this one attracted my attention, leaning against a tree, the two parts detached but not far apart, it seems significant to the story.  Just a short way away is the formal and immaculate garden and lawn and one can imagine how often this was used, but now in it’s old age it leans against a tree and reminisces of former glory.