Introducing an Exmoor Red Stag painting by Melody Hawtin

A Father’s Love a Red Stag painting

A Father’s Love is a painting of an Exmoor National Park Red Stag. These are the largest wild animals in Britain. These majestic animals roam freely in the hills just a short walk from where we live in Porlock.

The painting Melody is introducing is a Giclee print on canvas that she has enhanced with oil paint. The frame is a float frame in black with gold edge. The painting is available on our website, please follow this link to view.

We are just a week away from Easter Sunday and it seems an appropriate time for Melody to describe her painting and her thinking behind the painting.

Melody studied Art and Art History at Winchester School of Art. It is her love of Art History that permeates all of her paintings. On this occasion she is able to combine this with her love for her Christian faith in Jesus.

The talk is quite unscripted and unrehearsed and we are aware of a few mistakes. We felt in the interest of the spontaneity and flow that we would not redo the video. We hope you can agree that you are more likely to find a herd of deer than a flock and that the other mistakes just give us something to smile at.

You can find out more about Exmoor by following the link to the Exmoor National Park site. But, we both agree this is one of the least discovered gems in England. Exmoor has a beautiful coast and lovely landscape and is an ideal inspiration for an artist or photographer.

Melody hopes you enjoy her talk.